Secret Of Lady Body Splash Daily

Immerse yourself in a sweet and deep scent!

During the day, you can drown in various conversations, events and feelings. This tiredness, which gradually envelops your body, will also initiate a change in your mood. As you can get away from all this tiredness with a wonderful scent, you will find yourself in a flower garden. Secret Of Lady Body Splash Spray Women’s Daily is an indelible scent produced for daily use!

Offering a wonderful base with Vanilla, Tonka and Tonka Bean, Daily reveals all its essences during the day and leaves itself to a sweet and deep scent. It welcomes you with its ability to change you instantly and have a special scent. This fragrance, where you will enter a different mode at every stage, will make you feel good!

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Honey
Heart Notes: Patchouly, Jasmine, Cedar Wood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka, Tonka Bean