Secret Of Lady Body Splash Strawberry

For those who want to smell sweet and floral in spring!

Each season has its own special scent area. Secret of Lady Strawberry is remembered as a special fragrance that heralds spring. If you like sweet and floral scents and can’t stop using it in spring, This fragrance is for you!

It provides a light transition with Musk, Vanilla and Raspberry in the first notes. Violet, emphasized in the heart note, will attract you with its rose and strawberry scents. These scents, which allow you to experience a sweet moment, will continue to present the essence of the whole scent in a single moment with the fruit scents and peach composition offered in the top note. Always your best scent with its all-day lasting feature!

Top Notes: Peach, Fruity
Heart Notes: Violet, Rose, Strawberry
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Rasperry